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    How do you delete your own review here?

    How do you delete your own review here?
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    Writing Prompt Yesterday, 41 people went missing after…

    Comrade, your admission to the Gulag has been approved. Now enter the vehicle... or else.
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    Am I the only one?

    Not surprising. In fact, it's quite expected. There are reasons why we publish stories in the internet after all. If you found a site where they basically fulfill your reason (feedbacks), even if it was not as interesting when you first found them, you might begin to be more eager releasing...
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    Litrpg system creation

    Copypaste from previous chapter and update it accordingly
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    Buffer vs Uploads Question

    It depends, honestly. If you love editing, and only want to release chapters in their most perfected form, then I believe you'll love the more chapter stock you have. Other than that, it's mentallity. The fact that I have everything prepared to be released according to schedule is a good...
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    When a random thought breaks your story immersion

    I don't know, would you? You see, why should I empathize bills part unless i want to drive the story into money topic/conflict? Or just some petty excuse for that character to antagonize their partner? Maybe they're fed up with everything, so they took it up on their bills---and things. Other...
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    Why Alice scares me

    You know how much more scary Alice is by the fact that someone needs to make another thread to confess about it
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    Weird, haven't got 100 messages yet, but I can change my title

    Weird, haven't got 100 messages yet, but I can change my title
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    Crazy Rating Idea

    Except, changing 1-5 star system to like/dislike system only serves nothing but to eliminate more options for readers to properly represent their evaluation. I looked up the stories here, and most of the time, after 5 star, people rate 4 star. Also star system and review are quantitative and...
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    I summon the BL writers!

    My friend, names are enough. Unless they've got the same character/personality: readers will confuse them. But that's no longer on BL story subject. Characters written as if cut from the same cloth are common in writings. And it's most of the time a general problem.
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    Found interesting stories (in SH): In the House of a Witch City of Roses

    Found interesting stories (in SH): In the House of a Witch City of Roses
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    Poll: Would You Like to Live Forever?

    There are many other ways to experience death without even dying in the first place. Unless the side effects also includes you'll still able to think while being frozen, etc
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    I enjoy writing, but...

    Some people just likes to disagree with others, even when they actually never believed it themselves. If you ever told them that you wanted a job according to your hobby, then they'll shit on you and say 'you're not getting money with that, just give up.' But when you do something for the sake...
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    Does this have potential?

    I can recognize the 1st picture, and yeah, looks like it has a nice shape. Dunno what's what in 2nd picture tho
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    real world rituals

    Look for culture/religion where it demands you to normalize death and pain or at least, desensitize them. The most famous example would be human sacrificies, suicide, etc in Maya people. There's also baby killing by that abrahamic religion, or is it its enemy? My memory is failing me, honestly...
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    Have you ever felt like the muse has left you?

    Just like aboves said, it's a burnout. Burnout is common, and yeah it sucks. Do whatever you think that'll help, as long as you're not being too hard on yourself. I've got that many times, and I don't believe 'muse' will ever leave--it's only in rest period---unless something drastic happened...
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    Giving extras names

    Depends on that character's relationship with main cast or how big the the world is (story). As in, even if they are neighbor who only gets one scene, by the virtue of kind of being friends with MC, I would name them. Also if the story's only around one single city, I would name as much as...
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    A question, do you think both twitch and youtube vtuber community are full of incel viewers? So...

    A question, do you think both twitch and youtube vtuber community are full of incel viewers? So you see, usually you can see what's up with a certain vtuber's contents in their clips. Me being a YT user always get surprised by how much "look at how big my boobs are," etc fanservices from Twitch...
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    My new and improved first chapter, need feedback though.

    I don't think 7 yo kids like to read some story in an almost Nazi-fied planet. The furry somehow reminds me of Sonic world, don't know why. I would like to say you've got too few narration lines. But I think it's just your writing style isn't? I'm never good with that, like korean webnovels...
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    Editing a form of procrastination nya

    One thing that's clear without needing any debate is that, creating a thread titled 'editing a form of procrastination nya' and asking viewers to debate you is, in fact, the realest form of procrastination. I salute you :blob_salute: