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  1. LordJoyde

    Are there any fantasy stories where humans are better?

    I feel like this isn't as rare as people seem to claim it to be but at the same time, I'm one of those authors who genuinely hates humanity so any novel of the sort that I've encountered would just be one too many already. :blob_salute:
  2. LordJoyde

    Freeform Roleplay

    The gentleman's agreement is exactly what I meant! As for info and lore, nothing's really set in stone yet. We originally planned to create a sort of 'starter example world' where we would roleplay 'alternative versions' of our original/favorite characters and fight some gods together. The...
  3. LordJoyde

    Freeform Roleplay

  4. LordJoyde

    Freeform Roleplay

    I know of homebrew rules, I am a DM myself after all. And you do make a fair point. Hmm, the point of it is to engage in social interactions, I suppose? In general, freeform roleplay is created by and populated by the social anxious or awkward. Its a lot easier to be social when you're...
  5. LordJoyde

    Freeform Roleplay

    Nothing about it is you being dickish and dunno how someone would even consider it that way. As for how its interesting, that entirely depends on you. I personally find a fair bit of interest in roleplaying as a character I've made, interacting with other characters created or impersonated by...
  6. LordJoyde

    Freeform Roleplay

    lmfao There's a lot of such childishness going on with freeform. You'll always have people going into these communities while roleplaying as essentially themselves, but invincible. You know the kind? Half angel, half demon, seen as pure evil but is actually misunderstood and a softie? This is...
  7. LordJoyde

    Freeform Roleplay

    Hello. I apologize in advance if this isn't the forum section meant to hold anything like this, however I feel that I would be extremely amiss to not ask this question here on ScribbleHub. To keep things concise and short; a friend of mine intends to create a freeform roleplay setting. Its...
  8. LordJoyde

    Defeat the OP Hax

    1. Progressive mental corruption. 2. Instantaneous Assassination (one shot kill before they can activate their power) 3. Manipulate the people around them to bully the hero, then when they're at their lowest, turn them to the dark side. 4. Introduce them to the concept of "Lovecraftian Gods" and...
  9. LordJoyde

    Is there a connection between drug use and writing?

    I have not and will not ever do any drugs in my life, but I wouldn't say that there isn't a correlation between your two topics, no matter how offensive they may seem to some people. Reason being that my statement only factors in recreational drug use. Me? I've been an addict of various...
  10. LordJoyde

    Recommendations Fantasy novel where the MC has no romantic feelings whatsoever.

    Moonlight sculptor has no romance?... Excuse me but the very existence of our Berserker Queen makes that a falsehood. EDIT: Not to mention a certain formerly terminally-ill healer.
  11. LordJoyde

    Author's Greatest Enemy

    The greatest enemy of my writing? Eh, well, I hope nobody takes it the wrong way but I don't feel depressed enough to write anymore. For further context, all my writing is edgy, cruel, deep dark and the like. Its not even grim, but it is what my negativity-biased self would have considered...
  12. LordJoyde

    [aggregator] steals novels.

    My Euphoria has been copy pasted over so many sites that I kinda don't even give a crap anymore, lmao.
  13. LordJoyde

    Do yall prefer martial or caster Mcs?

    The body is the greatest weapon. Magic can only ever be a supplement, but I don't prefer an mc that can't do both lmao.
  14. LordJoyde

    opinion needed

    Are you gonna be using Avrae and discord? Because if yes, I am interested.
  15. LordJoyde

    Your go to.

    Hell if I know, but if I answer "some random isekai", then its probably true.
  16. LordJoyde

    How old are you?

    25, but I've always felt like I was born 90 so w/e
  17. LordJoyde

    Why are smut writers getting so much hate?

    In my experience, the only people who hate smut that aren't normies are those who didn't have their peculiar brand of personal autism (aka, their fetish) represented and explored in the smut itself.
  18. LordJoyde

    Poll: Who is the Most Scary Person on SHF?

    Don't see myself on there, therefore there is no reason to vote. :blob_thor:
  19. LordJoyde

    Why do readers expect that relationships are set in stone?

    I do not see any reason to care about their opinion on this matter. Changing your story for the sake of pleasing a reader or two will inevitably alienate everything else and most importantly, cause you to lose interest in writing a story that is simply no longer your own. The readers whom are...
  20. LordJoyde

    Do you care about story ratings

    To put it bluntly, the answer will always be ambiguous. One the one hand, a reader might see a 1 star story and instinctively dump it without any attempt at reading, while others will actively seek out such stories just to see if the rating is true, or just born from a slew of haters. For an...