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  1. Assurbanipal_II

    End the anonymity of ratings.

    Ratings are something strange and mysterious. At the moment, they come for every author, particularly for small ones without a gigantic reader base, out of nowhere like an artillery round. You neither know who, when and why, which is annoying as you can draw no helpful conclusions from them...
  2. Assurbanipal_II

    Searching for a potential beta reader

    :blob_reach: Unfortunately, nobody is perfect and typos and missing words are a frequent occurrence for me. Therefore, I am searching for someone who would sacrifice their time to check some of my chapters and my horrible grammar. A warning, though, the pay is lousy, no pay at all, and I will...
  3. Assurbanipal_II

    Author in search of a bit of feedback

    While I might be a relatively recent addition to this most honourable community, I would like to have a bit of feedback for my story. So, joke aside and considering that you volunteer for this arduous task 😅, what do you think about the story? What works well? Pacing, plot, characters? What can...