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  1. TypeAxiom

    What is your comfort food?

    I don't have a comfort food, but when I'm hungry and I want something to eat, I basically just boil: 2 cups water 2 cups chicken stock 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon sugar some sesame oil (tiny drop) 1 egg per cup of fluid, poured into the soup in ribbons green onions behold, the simplest of the...
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    That Alphabet Word Game

  3. TypeAxiom

    What Isekai-type MC you hated the most?

    Everyone kind of MC that doesn't result in yuri, but- in this order: 1. harem 2. stupid 3. white knight 3. narcissistic 5. mass murderer edit: yes, don't forget perverted. that's right up there with harem.
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    That Alphabet Word Game

    Nordic Who's going to check for repeats :blob_popcorn:
  5. TypeAxiom

    Clothes Shopping

    I forgot. Shows how much I care about fashion. All I buy are t-shirts that are rather plain that I wear year round. Shorts if its hot, long pants if it's cold. A sweater over my t-shirts if it's chilly, and if it's cold, a jacket over the sweater too.
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    The Flexing Phase

    I certainly never used a thesaurus to flex. Only to find words that might better fit the situation.
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    Implemented Well-Known Author title changes

    I think Well-Known Author is a title that is rather arbitrary and a misnomer. Currently all you need to do is publish around 5 short stories that no one reads to get it. On the other hand, if you have 1 really popular story, you won't get it. Therefore I propose that the requirements be changed...
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    Happy 1st Birthday, Scribble Hub!!!

    No balls. Jk and /s are for cowards
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    Writing R-18 and Mermaids

    Oh well. I'm just going to...leave this here. :kek:
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    Recommend some Music

    Nights of Azure ost. It sounds good and is from a yuri game to boot, so win win.
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    Writing R-18 and Mermaids

    I'm not sure why you would split centaurs and mermaids. A centaur is literally a human on a horse and a mermaid is literally a human on a fish. Functionally, there's no difference between whether its okay to have sex with one or the other if the only criteria is likeness to a real world animal...
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    Writing R-18 and Mermaids

    This is basically splitting hairs. Better safe than sorry. Dragons are probably fine since they're not real though.
  13. TypeAxiom

    Did You Know This Feature Existed? #1: Series Finder

    This is a carry-over from NU so most people probably know about this. I wonder if ScribbleHub has any features that newcomers won't know about? The reading list function will be familiar to NU peeps, but other sites like Royalroad (LUL) lacks such a feature.
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    Mirroring story from own site, okay or not?

    If you want to see a hijacked thread, try this one.
  15. TypeAxiom

    Mirroring story from own site, okay or not?

    Ah well, such is the evolution of a forum thread. The original question has been answered and everyone's already here, so what's the harm :blob_cookie:
  16. TypeAxiom

    Mirroring story from own site, okay or not?

    I agree that they could've had a different suggestion term, but the implication of the admins was that they considered the issue holistically and decided distinguishing non-heterosexual romance in general was too implicative of porn, instead of just yuri or yaoi. F/F, M/M and such tags would...
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    Mirroring story from own site, okay or not?

    Not only is this a reader issue, but also one encouraged and perpetuated by admins and mods.
  18. TypeAxiom

    What are you researching?

    Spies. Government archives are good stuff. lots of declassified info there.
  19. TypeAxiom

    To : scribble web owner

    I mean, we don't really need other sites' sloppy seconds either. RRL and Web novels have different focuses anyway. Webnovel is full of shitty Chinese-novel wannabes with young masters, rapists, and stuff. RRL is full of litrpg, some well written. SH is more everything in the kitchen sink, but...