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    Free First Chapter Feedback

    First off, I want to say thank you for your time. I'm glad you took a look and this review will be helpful going forward. That's fair, since I added the name after POV shifts as an afterthought. The story is going to switch between characters often, so I definitely need to fix that. That's...
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    Tell me your magic

    Magic is unique to every person and fits into two categories: Dark magic, which is inherent to those with demon blood. It's strengthened by negative emotions and tends to manifest into destructive/harmful abilities. Unlike its counterpart, dark magic evolves along with the user, usually when...
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    Free First Chapter Feedback

    I'd like to throw my latest work into the fray. There's some things I'm been wary about (pacing and clarity, for the most part) and I think feedback would help in making sure I'm on the right track.
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    First Cover

    Thank y'all so much, I'm going to make the second one once I get to about chapter 9-ish to show off some of the other characters!
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    First Cover

    Cover I drew for the first arc of my novel! I want to do a more dynamic one later, but this one works for now.
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    Who'd Like Some Reviews? Will read 10k or less stories.

    Thanks in advance! What I'm currently struggling with is the pacing. I was wondering if it's too slow and wanted a second opinion on it.