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The Legend of the Goblin Hero - Hiatus
The Elven Runic Knight [AGSA] - Hiatus
Echoes of Fire and Shadows - Ongoing


  • Name: Raul, El Errante (The Wanderer) / Erlan Aerieth
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Elf
  • Age: 20
  • Appearance: A young man with short brown hair, green eyes, delicate facial features and pointed ears. He usually wears a white blazer over a black shirt. He also wears some brown trousers and some very elegant leather boots. He has a piercing on his left ear.
  • Personality: Many people call him ambitious because of his dream of becoming the best runic knight in the Archipelago. In reality, Raul is an elegant yet humble aristocrat who enjoys studying magic. Most of the people who are close to him say that he's a kind man who is always smiling while searching for new knowledge. The idea that there still are unknown things out there make him very excited.
  • Backstory: Raul was a hispanic man of humble origins in his previous life. He was killed by a wild truck-kun and was reincarnated into a new world. He was born anew into Erlan Aerieth (name which he only uses with his family and close friends), an elf and son of a count. As soon as he relearned how to walk and talk, his parents hired very expensive private tutors to teach him everything there is to know about society. His own father taught him how to use magic and trained him in several martial disciplines, something which Raul loved instantly. As a kid and a teenager he excelled in magic and combat. His objective is to become the best runic knight in the Archipelago. When he reached the twenty years of age, the whole Archipelago was dragged into another dimension. A few days after the incident that brought the Archipelago, Raul was suddenly overpowered by a strange sense of adventure... He wanted to explore this brand new world. He immediately decided to join the Adventurer's Guild thanks to that strange sense of adventure.




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