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    How do I kill off a character to later be resurrected?

    make dying a plot point. like, you need to get some info from the underworld. kill killyourself, have her bring ya back. your search is on a timer.
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    Need openion

    I'm not sure what is being asked here? Are you asking if people want you to post you dnd games to read? Or use the dnd system as a litrpg? Something else? Like, the advice is different depending on what is wanted...
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    Ways to make mothers young in RomComs

    Isn't the whole point of the MILF to be a hot, mature woman? Why say "like 20" but then suggest someone who looks 10? Honestly, why are you suggesting so much creepy age 12-14 pregnancies? That's either rape or grooming, both creepy as fuck. Rape should never get an honorable mention. The...
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    Depth. Character depth. Nothing is worse than a villain that's too dumb and shallow to do much than idiotic moves to make the main character look good.
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    From a legal standpoint (because I studied law for my state in school, so that's my go to)The burgler's. Even if you, the home owner, stabbed the burgler, its the burgler's fault. They brought a lethal weapon into play, ergo they are the ones who brought the potential for lethal harm into the...
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    Guys - long hair or short?

    long hair is definitely sexier. It is, however, a right pain in the @#$%. Short hair is omg so much easier to deal with. And saves so much time during the day, and less stress.
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    How to write faster?

    Practice. Nothing else. speed comes from getting used to doing something. Hopefully used to doing it correctly.
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    What's the closest novel you've ever read that was "perfect"?

    Obviously its the story I write for myself. Nevermind all the glaring flaws I constently find. Or how I wake up every morning and hate everything I wrote the night before
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    Settings in Romance Genres

    In my experience, not as a romance writer, but in general writting, the setting should be treated as extensions of the characters themselves. Nitty gritty details, like a specific address, aren't really necessary. Now, where some place, like the school, is in relationship to where the characters...
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    Weird Thought...

    'l know that the author of The Wandering Inn has done it a few times as well, and it works out. And I know of one author that has discord live chat open as they write and takes feedback / ideas from their patreons in real time. But I wouldn't say there's an audience, per say. Its your same...
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    Are they in the right?

    Everyone does good things for selfish reasons. At least in part. Even the most selfless of acts comes with a rush of endorphins for making you feel good. The flaw in Jennifer 's argument is the presumption that good deeds must be performed selflessly. People can do things for multiple reasons...
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    any good scribble stories where the main character is a villain

    Wouldnt villain stories be LE through CE? How could they be Good aligned? Hmm....
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    Litrpg system creation

    I've come to the conclusion that numbers don't matter. The numbers going up is important, but the actual nbers themselves don't.
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    What's your opinion on an MC that betrays their comrades?

    Generally speaking, not a fan. now, There's always exceptions, but in general.... I dislike revenge porn stories. I don't like the complete antagonist-transformation of a character I grow attached too.
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    What do you think about Inc*st?

    Taboo? Yes, its taboo. Modern society frowns on it. Immoral? Nah. There's nothing innately wrong or evil about it beyond the genetic diseases a baby might get. Do I want to read it? Probably not, but mostly because I don't read a lot of romance type stories in the first place. Otherwise...