Take a look at my story: Re: Sword Emperor
Name: Vor Saknave
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Age: 4
Class: Mage

Vor is an elf, a race that finds pride in its pursuit of magic. Since the youngest of age, Vor was taught the ways of mana manipulation. By the age of four, he was finally able to conjure flames.


Since before he could remember, Vor was taught to hate dragons. They, who reigned over the mighty elvish race and enslaved them, deserved the most horrific torture. Raised with these ideals, Vor became a spiteful young man whose sole purpose is to grow stronger. Grow stronger so that he can lead the elvish race, grow stronger so that he can decimate the hateful dragons. He never knew love or friendship. As such, his heart was cold, devoid of light.


Chain Vest.
Magic Staff.
Steel knives.

Fireball: Conjure a small ball of flame and throws it on a certain direction. The path of fireball cannot be changed after it is thrown.
Gust wind: creates a strong gust of wind.
Magical eyes: Eyes that can discern the concentration of magic and its type.

Level: 4(2300 exp)
Money: 612.5 G



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