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Jan 29, 2021
Did I die honorably? No. The government I served, the United Pangea Collective, made sure of that. They trapped my mind in the confines of a virtual world, to rip apart my memories and use them as a base for history on the war on machines. Fractured, that was what those machines were called, but I'd argue that humanity was more fractured in their beliefs. I was to die honorably according to the UPC, I would be a historian, one of the few surviving soldiers of the old war on earth before the Fractured took over and forced humans into space. So, when they asked for what end I wanted. I answered, "Death by firing squad." If I were to meet a futile end, a fake, simulated end. This was what I wanted it to be. For it was not my betrayal which led to a dishonorable death. It was the UPC's betrayal, they were the ones to shoot me in the back.

- Vermillion Verlice


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Oct 28, 2022
Sup, I am dead. Not all the fucking obvious as is. So what are you going to do? Wallow? Cry?

*The tape crackles and skips*

Shit, that speech was fucking awesome. And it just deleted it. . . Well, I’ll make a new one. Simpler.

Kid. If you want to know my true intentions after death, then find my journal. But if not, I’ll meet my end with it. Fulfill my one question, what is after death? Hope heaven is a thing, won’t be there, or in hell, maybe. Read the journal, and it’ll explain more.

So kid with that done. Forget me, but don’t. Keep me in your heart. But forget me in such away you hold no regrets, qualms, or anything. Fill that void with something, a wife, a hobby, a pet, hell a boyfriend. Can’t care for that shit, I’ll be dead.

Hoped I died in a cool way. . . Wait! Are you crying!? No. Good!

I hope you have fun. A great life. Can’t say much with myself, but I had fun. I suggest fuck the cities, and go out in a more urban area. Also I have a riddle for you. Seek within the trees, but don’t trust the shade. If you do, then you’ll be clouded. Within the trees is salvation and destruction. Nature is the third side. Insanity is the fourth. I, the riddler, play upon the the fifth and fourth.

Makes no sense, but it does if you break it down. Hint five is related to the mind, Will, and compassion. It makes more sense with the journal. I’ve always like riddles because they made you laugh.

….. Oh, yeah! Destroy my hard-drive.

See ya… never. Well, maybe, read it. I mean it, if you want to know more read it. But if you want my image to be all good, don’t.
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Apr 25, 2023


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Oct 13, 2021
It won't happen for some years, so I will be hopeful:
You have 1,000 BL novels to read. It will take you a while, but by the end, if you are a man, you will be gay and if you are a woman, you will be just an average degenerate.
I have fulfilled my purpose in life!