One-time Revision Swap [CLOSED]

Jul 22, 2023
So I posted this elsewhere, not remembering that we actually have a forum for revision requests. I'll leave it up for now, but the TLDR is, I want someone to read a single chapter I worked on and give me a general feedback of how they feel (not grammar but the rest). It isn't a first chapter but an interesting one. I also do not do Google Docs and would like to trade via PM.

"I've completed another chapter of a WIP, and this time I would like some serious feedback on it. It's a very tough chapter to make, and I feel like it will certainly have more than one issue or another.
I am willing to swap a revision request of my 1 chapter for 1 chapter of someone else (2 if the word count is low). I also will not be ready to do it until probably Monday or Tuesday rolling around. Just thought I'd post it now to keep it ready.

Chapter in question (without spoilers): The chapter visits a small but emotional story (in summary's length) about two people who face very harsh backlash from their families after being caught kissing. It revolves around two girls, both come from a very tight christian background, and the time period is set a bit into the past, so that kind of thing was mostly seen as intolerable. The perspective however is told from neither of the two, rather from a third observer and her feelings after watching it all go down with no ability to step in and help. The observer then offers her updated (angry) views on the world at large (again, only during that time period).
> So, it will be a bit controversial. Anyone wanting to help me should know that it doesn't paint any religious view in a good light. Is that a trigger warning? IDK."

I usually do not rush, but speed will be of the essence on this one. Before Friday is the goal to have feedback on it.