Sound Effect #2


Aug 15, 2020
So I've previously posted a thread asking how to use Sound Effects and I got some great replies.

Here is what I came up with so far, please tell me what you think and give me some more examples if you can

The tall demon raised his right hand in the air, and from his right palm, a long bright red, jagged spear formed in his hand, brimming with chaos energy.


The jagged spear pierced through the sky at high speed towards Ren. The spear was aimed for the back of Ren's head, just before the spear could make contact with Ren's head, Ren bent down to tie his shoelace, the spear just missing his head

"That was a close one, I could have tripped over my shoelace and fell down," Ren said as he tied his shoelace tightly.


Ren then stood back up and saw a big crater in front of him, at the centre of the crater was the jagged spear.

This feat of his completely stuned and surprised the two demons, they could not believe their eyes, a mere human caught an attack that would kill a mere human with just the slightest touch

"How the hell did he catch that!!" The tall demon said in shock

"That should be impossible…."


The jagged spear, that Ren had caught, came zipping through the sky and shooting itself directly through the tall demons chest, creating a gaping hole. Seeing his partner in such a situation, especially a situation caused by a human, the short demon was completely speechless and frozen

The demon charged at Ren, approaching him like a tank. Ren stood his ground, taking up a strong and sturdy fighting stance, carrying a smirk on his face, he knew he would enjoy this fight way more than the fight he had with the delinquents in the warehouse.

P.s don't mind the grammar/spelling mistake I haven't edited them yet!


Both Ren and the demons fist collided against each other creating a small shock wave to be sent throughout the park. The fact that Rens first did not break upon impact, surprised the demon.
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Sep 2, 2020
readers won't mind a few bad sound effects you should focus on the goal of the fight and the speed of the fight don't make it longer than 5 sentences at max. in addition readers are there for the story, the revenge, and the character growth ,mental or physical doesn't matter,.


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Jul 6, 2019
Two things.

1. Make sure not to over saturate with sound effects. If there are seven sfx in the span of ten sentences, you're doing it wrong. Not that I'm saying there are too many. Just a warning.

2. Could use some Kerplows.

3. For number 3, I'd suggest using something different from clash. Sfx should usually be onomatopoeia.