The tale of justice


Fudanshi of Yaoi-sama
Nov 15, 2020
Somewhere in feudal Japan.
The clan was tricked into assisting the rebels against the imperial court. When the rebellion failed, the clan was supposed to be executed entirely. The young master (14 years old) and heir of the clan was suggested to take the responsibility for the clan and he agreed to commit seppuku.

“It’s better if you accept this. It’s for his sake and honor.”
“What part of this is just? What part of this is honor? Sacrificing a child for something that is not his fault?” -said the fiery one.
“You came from a foreign place. You do not understand our honor. The young master is the head of the clan. By tradition and the code, it’s his duty.” -said the tempered one.
“How dare you! Are you not his guardian sword?”
“If the young master doesn’t agree, the imperial army will lay waste to the entire region. He wishes not the death for his people and to those of the imperial court. He has a big heart and a brave soul.”
“If they want blood, then there shall be blood. I will not allow one of the children under my care being hurt. He is innocent and no harm shall come to him! Such is my oath!”
“Don’t be stupid! Didn’t you say you swore before Satan to only use force to protect the children. Demons and gods are banned from interfering with mortal world. The Divine Judge’s permission is what allowed you to use power here. Going against your own words would strip you off your power. You will be mortal.”
“If that’s the case, then so be it. We swore before the venerable one because We couldn’t bear seeing the children suffer. If I would turn a blind eye to even one of them, then what am I?”
“The young master understands how you would act. It’s why he chose to do it by his own volition. He would not want you be harmed.”
“Get out of my way, spirit!”
“Even after all of this and you still want to-“
“Of course I am! What kind of adult let a kid sacrifice for himself? What kind of caretaker let a child be harmed for such injustice? What kind of demon am I if I am not following my desire? Shut your nonsense, spirit! Either you help me or get out of my face!”
“I see that you have given up on reason. Long have we been his guardians!”

“It’s… for the best.”
“…” the one in red skin held tight at the small body in silence.
“Do not send him off with grief. Be proud.”
The fiery sword slashed the fortress in two.
“You keep your honor! I… keep my grudge!”
“He would not wa-“
“SHUT UP! I am the demon of joy, protector of children, Yabak. I shall never forget! I shall see this injustice end! And you. You are nothing!”

This idea has been in my head for a while but i have never been able to get anywhere with it so i will put it here for people to use.
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