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Jan 8, 2021
Mina stared at the clock, Unconcerned with the gun currently aimed at her head. It held little interest to her as she watched the clock's arm tick in slow motion. With every second taking a bit over a minute to actually pass. Giving her plenty of time to dodge the bullet before it even came screaming out of the gun's heated barrel. Even when the bullet finally did make its way out of the barrel she still had enough time to not only dodge but to walk behind the gunman. There was simply nothing that could pose as an obstacle to her while time remained in it's current state. Nothing but her own body that is. For even the power to slow down time wasn't enough to overcome the hurdle of having giant boobs. Which were so large that they were less than a foot away from resting on the ground. Blocking the rest of Mina's body from view, and currently occupying the middle of the room. Forcing the three armed men to walk around her to reach the man behind the counter in order to rob him.
Or at least attempt to rob him.

Any chance they had of taking the man's money disappeared the moment one of the thugs tried to feel her up. It was the last mistake he ever got to make before a bullet went flying through his skull. In retaliation his two partners in crime took aim at Mina's head and pulled the trigger. Their shots while accurate would never hit their intended target as the clock in Mina's right eye began to tick and time slowed. Giving her the time necessary to adjust her bra, and maneuver around the two thugs before putting a bullet in between their eyes.

The whole affair took Mina only a second to do. Leaving the store keep baffled at how a woman of her size could seemingly move so fast. A reaction that Mina was more than used to. It was one she had seen almost everyday after the apocalypse hit and changed life forever. Doubly so for the women, who were all left considerably 'shapelier' than before. With some gaining far more 'shape' than others, evident by how Mina had never seen a woman even near her size. Which took some getting used to before she could confidently walk the streets as she was now. Drawing just as much attention if not more then when the apocalypse had originally begun. Only now she was used to all the stares and awkward silences as she walked back to her apartment.

Where she encountered her first real challenge for the day. Walking up the steps to reach her apartment upstairs. An ordeal she loathed having to deal with. But sadly she had no other choice at the moment, so like always she would have to make the Ascent. Beginning of course with the first step, which her bosom met long before her feet did. With all of her might Mina barely managed to lift her two tremendous orbs up onto the next couple of steps so that she could continue her climb. Over and over she repeated this process until finally reaching her destination. Giving her a short break before having to shove her breasts into her apartment one at a time. Which she could only do after removing her bra, setting her twin titans loose and allowing them to take on their somehow natural teardrop shape. But upon letting her hangar bay filling zeppelins free she noticed that they were slightly larger than the day prior. Though not by a large amount, only enough to be noticed by someone who studied their form every day.

But more important than the technically minor increase in size was the benefits it brought. Already Mina could feel that her power was stronger than before. Unfortunately her power could do nothing to help her get through her front door. So with all the excitement of watching a movie for the hundredth time she dragged her breasts forward, and began the lengthy process of getting them inside her apartment. Her hands sunk deep into her own flesh as she lifted one of her twins up and pushed it inside and pulled the other in after her.

Once inside Mina activated one of the very expensive enchantments on her bra. Watching as the undergarment rose up off the ground and flew towards her. It scooped up her breasts and squeezed them together as it fastened itself onto her form. After which she activated a similar enchantment on her shirt. As the white t-shirt magically flew onto her body, Mina made her way to the kitchen. Where her cheaply bought drone awaited her.

"Hello mast#r What will y## be #ating to#ay?"

"What's in the fridge?" Mina asked, incapable of checking it for herself.

"#gg$, ##ller d##k meat, and some b$¢on."

"Just cook it all."

"#$ you #ish." The drone replied in a overly cheery voice.

While her drone worked on cooking a questionable assortment of dishes, Mina got to work on getting herself seated. A once simple endeavor that the apocalypse had changed into a daily chore. First she had to approach the wooden seat from an angle. Then pull it out into the main room of her apartment so she had enough room to sit down. Finally after making sure that the chair was somewhere with enough room for her to sit without her breasts knocking anything over, she sat down. The chair making it's displeasure known as Mina's rear spread out over the seat and beyond. Though the chairs groans of discomfort were loud they drowned out by the sound of Mina's growling stomach as her drone approached with her meal.

"Her# i$ yo## meal #aster." The drone proclaimed as it sat five plates of food down on Mina's bosom as if it were a table.

Using it as such, Mina grabbed one of the odd amount of forks her drone had brought and tore into her meal. Taking massive bites out of the mutant meat, and practically inhaling her eggs. Plate after plate of food disappeared down her throat as she ate as if starved. The bacon of which there were two plates of vanished in only minutes, along with the rest of her food. Only for it to be replaced by an identical set of plates, plates that Mina tore into with just as much gusto as the first set. Only for them to be replaced... Again.

"Why'd you cook so much?" Mina asked her personal drone as she continued eating.

"Yo# said t# #ook i# @ll."

Mina both wanted to correct the drone and hit it at the same time. But instead she opted to just continue eating in silence, making her food disappear one plate at a time. Her hands moving back and forth between her mouth and the plate(s) as if it was a machine doing as it was programmed. Her mouth opening and closing to chew and swallow food despite her stomach's protests. Only coming to a stop after she had managed to swallow down the last of her meal.

For a short time Mina felt victorious for finishing her small feast of a meal. Until she realized that'd she'd need to get up. The idea of which was daunting enough with just her boobs, but with her gut stuffed past her usual limits she was tempted to pass out where she was. Though the memory of the last time she had done exactly that encouraged her to get out of the chair. But not before having her drone take all of the dishes on her chest back to the kitchen, where it would wash them.

With her bosom cleared off Mina was free to lean forward, allowing her breasts to pull her forward off the chair. Which she then scooted out of her way with her foot. Giving her the space required to back up and turn around. From there she walked to her bed and disrobed. Another lengthy chore she had gotten used to after having to do it everyday with only minor assistance. Usually from her drone who helped her get her shirt off, and carried it over to her laundry bin. Leaving her dressed only in her bra, which she only removed after getting her breasts somewhere comfortable.

"#oodni#ht ma$te#." The drone said as it turned off the lights.


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Feb 18, 2021
She's so overweight that her breasts reach the stairs ??? I didn't know it was possible :ROFLMAO:

Maybe I'd read if it was comedy. Overweight superhero may fit the genre but maybe a biased narrator would enhance the comedic experience.

You need to provide synopsis + tags so that people check if they are the intended target and know which criteria we should use to judge that work.