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    Have you ever deleted your own story?

    I deleted 90% of my work and forget about them but I do keep the good ideas and bring them to my new works. I cringe every time I find one of my old works that is still up
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    Recommendations Everyone Dies

    This thread is weird because every answer is a spoiler
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    Writing Prompt D&D-like Story

    That basically what my novel is. People put commands in the comments and the MC follows them
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    choose your own adventure

    The deadline is when I start writing the next chapter most of the time it's in two days or three, sometimes it's more if I'm busy with college, I try to put in as many commands as I can and sometimes I'll get commands mid writing and I'll put them in if they work, I tend to prioritise the...
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    views are weird

    oh! thank you for clearing that up!
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    views are weird

    yeah I guess but having more views puts you on trending (I assume) which means more people will read your work. I understand that you shouldn't write just to get views but having people read your work even if it's one or two is great.
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    views are weird

    I don't know if this a bug or not so I'll just post it here. I've been using scribblehub for almost a year now and one of the things I learned was how views update. If you leave it by it's self it will eventually update but the best and fastest way is for the chapter to be interacted with in...
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    gif covers

    I thought it would be a pretty cool idea to have my cover be gif. It would cycle through each one of my characters is it possible to add that?
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    do you recommend Campfire

    I also heard WorldAnvil was good
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    do you recommend Campfire

    If you don't know what it is, it's a program to keep track of your characters and your world. I was recommend it a youtuber, it looks cool but it's a little pricey but you only pay once and get to keep it. Do you think it's worth it or is there a cheaper...
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    What's the difference between Adult and Mature?

    I guess that makes sense! you don't have to be an adult to be mature. But you have to be an adult to watch porn.
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    What's the difference between Adult and Mature?

    I've seen people say the opposite where adult is R and mature is like 16+
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    What's the difference between Adult and Mature?

    aren't Adult and Mature basically the same thing??
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    Writing Prompt Do you know who I am? You're courting death!

    Officer Ryo was on his normal night route. Nothing seemed to happen this night usually, there'd be a car crash or someone speeding, but today everything seemed calm. Today was a special day after all, and Ryo does appreciate the load off. Just Ryo was thinking about all the things he going to do...
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    Resolved Alert on my name (solved)

    For some reason, there's an alert notification on my name, this one desktop, and mobile, even the little tab thing shows an alert but there's nothing. It just won't go away