I have found a gem story that was abandoned


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Nov 15, 2022
Not talking from the legal perspective, technically you can write whatever fanfiction you want. However, there are a few things to say about it.

1/ A fanfiction is, in its true essence, the work of someone using the world, the world building (?), and/or characters of another author. (There may be more but I won’t cover all of them). By all rights, the author of the original series has the ability to shut you down whenever they feel like.

2/ Hence, people prefer to write a story inspired by the original work of someone else instead. It shares fewer similarities in world building, and it doesn’t use any original features like characters and etc. Since you do more work to make it different, chances are the people wouldn’t call you out and the author wouldn’t pull the trigger. It is still necessary to say that you take the inspiration from them.

3/ If you are to write a fanfic, you must state clearly what is the original work and who is the author. (These things are usually overlooked which baffle me to no end). You must also make it clear this is just a fanfic.

4/ I do not deal with the monetary issue. Therefore, I have no comment on this except having money involved is opening a big can of trouble.
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May 14, 2021
Well i dont think that is wrong to write a fan fic about this novel just remenber to say who tho og is and be prepares for a cease or de.blablabla order


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Jan 29, 2021
I have found a rare gem. Abandoned in its peak, with 1,8 million views and over 1400 ratings.
I find it so good that I ask if anyone wants to continue it or use the amazing world-building for a fan-fic?
Fanfiction is fine to write. It is protected under copyright. You can't make money off of it so a Patreon or asking for donations to continue the story is a no-no. Make sure to notify the audience that this is a fanmade version of the book too! Don't pass it off as the original and make sure to credit the original author. If you follow these things everything should be fine. Although, if the author does message you to take it down then I do recommend doing so. However, knowing most people, he won't try to sue you or most likely not care to take it down as long as you do the following above. I also think instead of asking people to continue the world it would be better to encourage aspiring authors to use this work as inspiration so that they will create a story unique to themselves but still have a similar vibe or homage to the original inspiration.


Jan 4, 2019
Anyone who wants to pick up and continue a dropped story MUST ask the original AUTHOR for a PERMISSION first. Period.
I completely agree with you on that point. However, I don't think that fanfics are too problematic in this regard. As long as it's clearly stated that it is a derivative fan work.