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    Hi, I'm new

    Ohh, a community driven story attempt... For those who don't seem to know what this is, the story was supposed to continue on the discussion comments... Then everybody started putting up memes and confusion noises
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    What do you call ot when you are too lazy to get out off bed?

    Dysania? Page updated the moment I sent my message and it seems we both thought the same... I know a browser called Comodo... It installed itself in my PC back when I used winXP and revoked admin uninstall privileges. What a good company keeping the customer in mind, giving them a solution to...
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    Question For The Video Editors

    This looks like you are trying to get OP reported to me XDXDXD
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    Question For The Video Editors

    I may not know too much about video editing software as my experience is just using HitFilm express to make videos for my father's business. But I can say this: Good luck there buddy... If you manage to find an automatic low audio snipper it will most likely be part of a pack expensive enough to...
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    Whats the fastest red flag you've seen when reading

    I didn't read her... I don't want to either. So don't... I use an app for LN... Have them free
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    Artsy Question

    I knew I saw your PFP somewhere before, so you were the one behind that cover for playtime... Gotta say: what fine pieces of art
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    Whats the fastest red flag you've seen when reading

    Regarding Kumodesu, in Kumoko's (the spider) defense, it was all an accident, corporal consciousness wasn't supposed to use that connection between Ariel and Spider Mother, got cut off, and ended up combining without any other choice. It can't be considered actual mind control... More like...
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    Whats the fastest red flag you've seen when reading

    Ohhh... That one... The synopsis did a really good job there (read it when it was on latest series page), you know exactly what the story is all about and WHY you are absolutely forbidden from ever tapping into a chapter or the "read" button
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    Well... There are tons out there ;D

    Well... There are tons out there ;D
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    Progressive mobile web app with offline functionality

    I use a mobile browser with a built-in AdBlocker, in mobile, there are 2 ads, one at the start and one at the end, below the nav buttons. Those would get stuck on "loading" and would never actually show the ad
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    Artsy Question

    Yes, don't ask, just yes.
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    How many of you guys use Grammarly for your writing(stories)

    Grammarly? What's that? Is it food or sth? I'm using Phone® for my first story...
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    Evil Truck-kun services

    Reincarnate me as a sentient, living and moving rock capable of leveling up and use mana