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  • I do miss the days when my pener can hard on a moment's notice for me to start pumping.

    Nowadays, the damn thing needs cooing and rubbing to coax it to erect, and I need to rev it constantly or else the engine might die.
    Writing porn is imho, a low bar to clear. So it is frustrating for me to see the common JP technique of "❤❤❤", "iya iya iya", "ah ah ah❤".

    Filling the text wall with this kind of dialogue is shit, I am not reading a well drawn doujinshi and even if I can hear it, it is still shit.

    Describe how the tentacles are wrapping around the clit and stroking it like a throbbing dick, not the copy paste text spam.
    One thing to learn today; never think that luck is with you all the time, especially on a predetermined crash course.

    Not having hopes in things helps.

    Have a fun thought for the modding community, since giant dragonfly is mountable and they are wicked fast, can't the pvp includes a sky battle with a shrinkng arena? Maybe melees only, but can also be just magic users only as well.
    Waking up and pondering to myself; why did I write? The question then turns into thinking about my passion and hobbies and then some.

    Q: Why did I write?
    A: Arrogance and shortsightedness.

    Q: Passion and hobbies?
    A: I have none.

    Q: Why are we still here, just to suffer?
    A: Because I don't want to die.

    *Sigh* Being poor sucks.
    Zooming too much inside yourself hide the border of the self, so it can feel like it's trivial and mundane. But zooming out and seeing the countless possibilities outside reveal the differences between the self and the others. Once you understand the strengths and limits of the hand you were dealt, the initial arrogance and shortsightedness evolve into confidence and self-esteem.
    Indeed, you're no longer tied to results, but to the process itself. Moreover, if you see the intrinsic flaws of identity, it's slightly easier to accept not only your own flaws but other's too.

    *goes back to zoning out on the bed*

    fuck the 420 character limit
    Lol, so many notification seconds by seconds.

    Ffs currently I am listening to a bunch of guys (Trash Taste) younger than me in YT talking about anime.

    I feel old.
    When you were writing porn and discovered that Pixiv and nhentai having something similar that could scratch your niche itch... it really dampens the mood...

    Still egging forward cuz my porn, my itch. Maybe up until someone comes up the idea that can fully scratch it.

    A picture speaks a thousand words, a four pages manga is not a manga, but it will have to do.
    "Accidentally" clicked on the latest chp of Hero has Returned and facepalming hard at the useless authority figure trope.

    We gEt tHEM to Kill ONe aNotHER and THereFore, nO mOrE HeRoEs.

    Using monsters that might turn hostile in the future against another batch of monsters is a terrible idea. So their retarded plan is to kill off their numbers... by feeding the ones who are cooperative to HoS' team.

    Brilliant. Fantastic.
    Yet a small part of me thinks what they are doing, from their view, is right.

    Because they refuse to admit the fact that they are useless, weak and pathetic, they act in such a self destructive way.

    I feel a jab from the author here, or is this my mind stabbing me?
    ... an odd thought to think about, but does medieval nobles have shits like giving face? I know that a noble's reputation is important and often it is the other guy who would consider giving them grace, but do nobles asked for it?
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