What's wrong with the writing style and integrity of the Chinese and Japanese authors nowadays?

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Dec 2, 2022
Maybe you should learn to accept things for how they are instead of insulting authors as a whole. Styles change and evolve. Language change and evolve. Idk, it might be normal for THEIR LANGUAGE to have paragraphs like that. You sound like a boomer shrieking at girls wearing skimpy dresses.
Nah. I'm the boomer who sneers at girls in skimpy dresses, who still find the time to rant about "female objectification" like the returds they are.

Edit: I'm not actually a boomer. But still.
OOPs posts are to poorly translated into English, and the pacing of the thread is all over the place.

Cliche and uninventive. Have already seen too many threads with the "entitled young master troll", and the writing is too poorly done.

Author should go back to thread writing school and do more papers, and learn to write better posts.

I am dropping this thread.

1/5 star.

Will not read again. Will not recommend.

Thumbs down.
Clever girl.
It's because they are an inferior people.
These poorly written books are an attempt to pollute our precious bodily fluids.
Snorted hard here. Kudos.
I think rejecting bloat is a good thing.
If you think writing single-line sentences is a positive enactment of "rejecting bloat", I question whether you should continue writing or not.
Do you think you own the universe?
Yes. I do. Glad we understand each other now.
Hello I’m mentally retarded.

I love one sentence paragraphs. Why you ask?

I work 10-11hrs on 6 days a week. My entire holidays for the past 8years are approximately 1 month plus 5 days National holidays every year.

I’m mentally exhausted yet that is normal for most jobs in Asian countries. 60-70hrs work a week is quite normal and expected.

In comparison it’s more common to work 40hrs-50hrs a week in western countries.

The mental capacity that is available after work is just not the same. I do not want a wall of text. it’s already hard with Latin letters, but hanzi? Kanji? 🙃

Hell no.
If you have so little time to read that you have to be satisfied with such substandard writing as single sentence/paragraphs, than stop reading and get back to work. Work that over time girl! Make those extra pennies!
The more op talks, the more incoherent they become.. if only I am smarter... if feel so dumb... I cri

I eat candle
It's been so long since I've eaten this kind of candle. The child in me is confuzzled.
You accuse jpn and cn authors of writing bad.

But my question: what qualifications do YOU have to judge? Are you a native chinese speaker?

If yes, why the hell are you whining to English speakers about a language they don't know?

If no, are you practicing to open a one-man-circus????
While I'm not one to make an issue here about Japan vs. China vs. Korea vs. whatever English work.....I'm going to just say English and Korean works kick Japanese and Chinese asses in quality of content. Don't agree? Oh well. Truth hurts. Now get back to work.
Are you implying that authors that made it to Amazon from the Royal Road have integrity?
I swear you seem familiar.
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