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    Anime OST grandmasters

    IDK who's the best, but Susumu Hirasawa does good work.
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    Your opinion on the Over Abundance of Isekai?

    I'm not an isekai fan so this might be really ignorant, but my main gripe with the genre is how so many (not all, I know) stories seem to take place in the same generic fantasy worlds. Same species/races, same enemy types, same settings. And the type of fantasy popular with isekai just isn't the...
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    What happens at the age of 24?

    When I turned 24 I finally learned about Sex 2.. shh you didn't hear it from me tho But yeah it's probably a legal thing in the country where the website is hosted, might have more to do with the buying/selling of online content than the age of consent. Or if it's a scam maybe they figure that...
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    Relatively new here and could use some help

    How much planning goes into your story? If you're thinking up the plot as you go along, try outlining your story and writing some short character descriptions. You don't need to have every detail mapped out from beginning to end, but have some major plot points, scenes, arcs, character arcs...
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    Tips for finding more readers on SH?

    Hey, I'm another furry writer :s_smile: I'm new to Scribblehub but yeah, it does seem like the audience is mainly interested in specific genres and tropes (mind you, that isn't a bad thing.) I have my reasons for posting here, but I also know that my story probably isn't gonna get a ton of...
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    Feeling bad because of AI

    As an artist, I don't think AI will ever fully replace people in this regard. Even if AI gets to the point where it can generate art without smooshing existing pictures together (which yeah, that might not be far off, if it hasn't already been developed) there will always be a market for art...