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    Juno RPG Game

    Ah cool. ^^
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    Juno RPG Game

    I misread that as Uno, and had some unsettling flashbacks. 🤨 Anyway, good on ya. Also, I like what I am reading here. When it is done, I just might check it out.
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    How many stories have you finished writing?

    Novels - 4 Short Stories - 19 Novellas - 5
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    Random Question

    Barely on Wattpad now. Before, when the forums were active, above 10k, your story would have kept growing at a consistent pace. However, on Wattpad specifically your story needs reach 50k for it to really start earning its keep I guess you can say. In short, it does not work out from good...
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    Writing Starting your fantasy world

    This really depends, for instance, if you choose info dump. I would recommend you blend this in with a more action pace sequence to draw in more interest. An example is the start of my first book. This here is more or less info dump. However, I masked that underneath a chase scene that really...
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    What does the unreliable narrator even mean.

    The unreliable narrator is a form where what is stated may not be true. In short, it is presenting misinformation or truth depending. This can be used in quite a lot of ways. Hiding truth within lies, and lies within truth. I use this form all the time.
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    What is status in reader stats

    Attack Defense Magic Attack Defense Critical Rate Critical Damage Evasion Speed There, status. Just need to read it. 🥳 But anyway, above post answers it.
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    Games Finished Recently? Or Are Currently Playing?

    Finally completed Wild ARMs 3. This has been an insanely long game. However, it was amazing. Not playing it a second time. 😂 This game is far too long. However, it is very much worth a play through. Now, if the games are truly connected, then I can see why XF is still decaying, but how it also...
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    Looking For Something to Read

    I apologize but it does not meet any of the basic requirements.
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    Games Finished Recently? Or Are Currently Playing?

    Finished Marchen Forest. Damn this game was brutal. 🤨 The second half that is in terms of difficulty. A more complete story as well, and a bittersweet ending. They did great overall in balancing the mechanics. In terms of bosses, the game did not have much, but they focused quite well on the...
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    Games Finished Recently? Or Are Currently Playing?

    Ouch, I know how it is to play a bad game. Well, sometimes it can’t be helped. At times it is necessary to play the game to conclude if you will like it or not. The Wild ARMs series is pretty great. After I finish 3, gonna look into 4. From what I saw from 4, it looks like it is some kind of...
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    Looking For Something to Read

    I write tragedy, so don’t gotta worry about the happy moments. 😂 Anyway, thanks.
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    Games Finished Recently? Or Are Currently Playing?

    And I finished Marchen Forest. From what I can tell, I finished Act 1 and there is a second one after restarting the game. Honestly, the first act was pretty depressing, and wholesome. This game really knows how to blend elements well. Huh this must be something new with the game from what I...
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    [small thread] internet accountability is way too ez

    You’d be surprised. 🤨